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Injectable Fillers Treatments

Fillers are used to fill in wrinkles and facial depressions that may come with age. Many patients misunderstand fillers and sometime confuse them with BOTOX®. Fillers are substances that are injected under the skin or lips to plump up the tissues. Facial fillers replace skin fluid that, when lost, cause wrinkles. In youth, our skin is plump from a natural sugar called hyaluronic acid that attracts water. As we age, our skin thins by loss of collagen and fluid.

Since there are a number of available fillers for fine and deep wrinkles, both may be used in the same patient. We often layer them in the same areas in order to plump folds and fill the lines that often lie in the depths of those folds. They can be given in minutes with a tiny needle to give definition to the lips and fill other wrinkles such as laugh lines. The results are instantaneous, producing a long-lasting (6-9 months), natural enhancement, which is gentle and safe to the skin. You may return to normal activities within hours.

Types of Fillers

• Restylane®, Perlane®, Juvederm® & Ultra Plus®
• Superficial Fillers (Fine lines and wrinkles)
• Medium Depth Fillers (Medium wrinkles and folds)
• Deep Fillers


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