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Muscle Relaxant Injections Treatments

Muscle relaxing injections decrease wrinkles in a different way than does collagen or fat injections. Muscle relaxing injections block the nerve impulses to these muscles, inhibiting their ability to contract and thereby relaxing the wrinkle. Collagen and fat are filler substances, which are injected directly into the wrinkle, not the underlying muscle. They work by occupying the space in the skin under the wrinkle, thereby lifting the wrinkle up. Occasionally fillers are combined with Muscle relaxants.

More recently we have found that Muscle relaxing injections around the eyes can prolong the results of laser resurfacing of wrinkles in this area.

The effect takes three to five days to occur. Patients know it is working when they see a decrease in the wrinkle and can either no longer frown or find it much harder to do so. The results last 3-6 months. As the effect wears off, wrinkles return, but often not as severely. With each subsequent injection, the effects can be more prolonged.

The techniques mentioned for softening wrinkles are often used individually or together. The best technique for you depends on several factors, including location of wrinkle, cost factors and general health considerations. Our staff can help you decide if Muscle relaxing injections are right for you.


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