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Tip of the Day: In summers to prevent tannig use sunscreen lotion with minimumm 19 spf regularly.
Water And Skin Care Treatments

Regularly washing your face properly is perhaps the simplest but most noticeable thing you can do for your appearance. The foundation for a great skin care regimen should begin with a basic washing method that must be performed at least twice a day. The primary reason for washing your face regularly is to unclog pores. Every day, your skin is exposed to dirt, dust, pollutants, and other harmful agents. By washing your face, you'll eliminate unnecessary residue. Washing can also clear up excess facial oil, which controls acne and other skin problems.

To wash your face, you will need a sink or shower, a facial towel, facial cleanser, and facial moisturizer. Consult a dermatologist for an appropriate skin care line. Use only mild, gentle, and hypoallergenic cleansers for the face. Try different cleansers to see which one(s) feel the best and/or react the best with your skin.

For convenience, tie your hair into a pony tail or wear a headband or wrap if you have long hair. Remove contacts if you have them. Wash your hands first. You don't want to be transferring bacteria from your hand to your face. Remove makeup, using cleansing milk or any makeup remover before washing your face.


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